Pressure Granulation

How does pressure granulation go?

Stage 1

Supply of raw material

Stage 2

Weighing and mixing raw materials (optionally)

Stage 3

Pressure granulation

Stage 4

Product screening and sorting

Stage 5

Control and packing of the product

What is pressure granulation?

Pressure granulation is a process changing the form of powdered products (spray dried fruit and vegetable powders) into granulate. The powders are given the form of fine grains to improve their technological features and widen the application range. Products in this form are widely applied in the food industry where granulate is the desired form to overcome such problems as equal dosing and mixing of additives with other components of irregular shapes or size, or in case of sticking and caking of products due to e.g. humidity.

Advantages of granulates:

  • preservation of all organoleptic (flavor, aroma, color) and nutritious features of spray dried powders,
  • easy to dose,


Application of our granulates:

  • Dietary supplements
  • Instant drinks
  • Tea bags
  • Confectionery
  • Animal food
  • Flavoring and functional additive
  • Various food products (and not only) where technological problems need solving

Forms of granulates in our offer:

  • Group 1: granules 1-2.5 [mm]
  • Group 2: granules 1-4 [mm]

In our offer also available: