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Mission and vision

Mission and vision

The supreme goal of our Company is to preserve the high and stable quality of products to guarantee food safety, and to provide services to the satisfaction of our Customers, leading to the strengthening and development of the Company’s market position.

The person responsible for the maintenance and proper functioning of the Safety Management System is the Manager of the Quality Management System.
The Company staff are obliged to take all efforts to make the quality objectives real and to achieve them. The management supervises the efficiency of the Safety Management System compliant with FSSC 22000 and ISO 22000:2005 by a systematic assessment of its functioning on the basis of internal audits and periodical reports.

The Celiko Safety Management System covers all identified basic and additional processes. All production processes and products manufactured in the course of these processes are subject to the System. The existing Safety Management System compliant with FSSC 22000 – version 4.1 and ISO 22000:2005 is continuously improved. Celiko also has HALAL and BIO certificates, and can produce kosher food.


Zenon Kosicki – founder of the company


Celiko was established in 1982 as a company with Polish capital. Since the beginning the company has specialized in and perfected the production process of food products, in particular dried concentrates. We started our activities from a difficult and pioneer production that required strict production regime, i.e. the full assortment of dietetic foods for elimination diets, including those applied in coeliac disease.

The founder of the company was Zenon Kosicki, PhD. As the first one in Poland, he developed recipes and manufactured gluten-free desserts and cakes for people suffering from the Celiac disease and low-protein products for those suffering from phenylketonuria. He created innovative technological lines for freeze-drying and the production of multi-flavored soluble teas and the instantizing of cocoa.

Further development lead to the production of functional foods (“healthy foods”) based on natural additives. The result was the establishment of a new division in the company for the purpose of manufacturing natural food additives in 1998.

The production of natural food additives is based on three technological lines:

  • continual and periodic production line for fruit and vegetable freeze-drying;
  • production of natural food additives in the form of powders, based on the spray drying technology;
  • installation for pressure granulation of powdered food additives.

The production is performed in fully standardized conditions on modern technological lines and under the supervision of specialized staff to guarantee the achievement and maintenance of high and stable quality of products.

The relevant level of product quality results from the consistent policy in this area, focused on the implementation and continuous improvement in the applied quality systems.