The main objective is to spray-drying process of liquid raw materials in powder, which dissolves in water to recover a large extent the characteristics of the base material. Avoided in this way, the risks associated with the storage of aqueous solutions of their unstable, requiring storage under refrigeration, or even, as in the case of fruit juices - in a frozen state. Powder products may be stored in normal storage conditions, and their play is limited to a simple dissolve in water.

Obtained in this way the products are readily soluble, and thanks to the short duration of action of high temperatures (typical for this technology) retain a high degree of organoleptic characteristics of raw material, such as taste, color and aroma.

An additional, very important feature of the powder spray, is that they can pressure and granulation formation in different sizes of grain.


Our offer includes:

  • powders, fruit and vegetable juices (standardized for the content of the juice),
  • powders from fruit and vegetable purees (standardized for content of puree),
  • natural coloring of the standardized strength staining (betanine, anthocyanins), for example, beet powder.

All products can be delivered:

  • in the form of particulate,
  • in the form of beans, see granulation pressure.

  • jelly, jellies, puddings,
  • instant soups,
  • tea leaf,
  • instant drinks,
  • dairy products (desserts, yogurt, cheese),
  • ice cream, confectionery,
  • natural dyes: for example, beet powder – having broad application not only in the food industry as a natural and stable dye.


Our expertise in spray drying also allows us to provide services:

  • production of fruit or vegetable powders from raw materials supplied by the customer,
  • development and production of new products for individual orders according to customer needs,
  • drying of food flavors,
  • drying, natural dyes,
  • drying emulsion of fatty,
  • drying of preservatives on the media, such as lactic acid.