Lyophilization is a proven and recognized as the most conservative drying process, consisting of sublimation of water vapor from the frozen food without the liquid phase. The process is carried out at low temperatures and under high vacuum - this eliminates the harmful effects of high temperatures on the structure and components of processed raw materials, and also avoids the influence of air oxidation. This technology allows to obtain products with very low water content (about 2%), which makes them extremely durable (stable microbiologically).

The obtained products are characterized by very high quality parameters:

  • practically complete preserve the organoleptic characteristics (taste, aroma, color, texture and shape) of the raw materials used;
  • no loss of nutrients starting raw materials (vitamins and other biologically active substances);
  • porous structure of products ensures their rapid rehydration and solubility.

Celiko installation has continued to freeze food products, which enables the processing of raw materials in virtually every form of:

  • in solid form for example; whole or shredded fruits and vegetables,
  • in liquid form for example: fruits and vegetables.

Our offer includes:

freeze-dried fruits and vegetables in the form:

  • throughout,
  • ankles,
  • patches,
  • grit,
  • powder;

freeze-dried fruit and raw vegetables in liquid form:

  • grit,
  • powder.
  • muesli breakfast,
  • muesli type bars,
  • instant soups,
  • desserts (jellies, puddings, jellies),
  • crisps, fruit and vegetables,
  • teas
  • dairy products,
  • nutrients (conditioner) for children,
  • confectionery,
  • active preparations.
CELIKO offers its partners are not only buying, but given the characteristics of the market also makes the production of raw materials entrusted. We also undertake services, including the development of new technologies.