The main purpose of granulating pressure to change the form of powders spray-dried products of fine particulate in the granules. These powders obtain the form of small particles which improves their technological characteristics and increases the range of their applications. Products in this form are used mostly as a flavoring or supplement to the express tea (black, fruit and function) and other products (not just in the food industry), where it is desirable to precisely the form of granules, which allows, inter alia, to overcome the technological problems such as uniform mixing and dosage of additives, with the remaining components of irregular shapes and sizes or the aggregation and agglomeration in the case of such moisture.What is important is that the resulting granules retain all the organoleptic and nutritional spray dried powders from which they originated.

Normally, we offer two product groups in terms of granule size:

  • 1 to 2,5 [mm],
  • 2 to 4 [mm],

Assortment offer covers all products made on our line of spray drying:

  • powders, fruit and vegetable juices (standardized for the content of the juice),
  • powders from fruit and vegetable purees (standardized for content of puree),
  • natural coloring of the standardized strength staining (betanine, anthocyanins), for example, beet powder.

  • teas express,
  • diet supplements,
  • confectionery,
  • intermediate for the production of tablets,
  • pet food,
  • other food products and not only where it is necessary to eliminate the technological problems inherent in the use of spray-dried powders due to:
    • agglomeration,
    • problem with internal transport,
    • evenly mixing and the effect of sedimentation,
    • hang up the tanks,
    • hygroscopicity,
  • functional and flavor additive


Our experience in the field of granulating pressure also allows us to provide services, grain products (powders, spray dried) provided by Customer.

Granulation process consists of closing mostly sputtered powders into granules of specified diameter, usually use the granularity in two groups: 1 to 2.5 and 2 to 4 [mm].

Most of our service and granulated powders are:

  • fruit powders
  • fragrances in the form of powder
  • functional additives in powder form (eg, honey powder, smoke preparations on a carrier, L-carnitine, spirulina, Gucirina Cambogia extract, vitamin blend.